Tenets for a Cozy Minimalist Home

Even as a minimalist, I still have no shortage of material goods that enhance my life or make me happy. Part of minimalism for me is creating spaces that make it easy to keep up the minimalist lifestyle.

Here are the core tenets I try to adhere to when designing and redesigning spaces in my home:
  • A place for everything and everything in its place. Clutter and messes happen, but they should be easy to clean up and tidy. Once a space feels too packed, it's time to reevaluate either how many items should be kept, or if they should be moved somewhere else. 
  • Color is the foundation of a room. Different colors elicit unique responses subconsciously. Although white is a very clean color, it can seem too sterile sometimes. I use an emerald green in my library, which looks very clean in an "out in nature" way; my bedroom is a deep ocean blue which makes for a relaxing place to sleep. Colors like yellow, red, and orange can excite the appetite, so my dining room is a soothing mix of turquoise and grey with colorful furniture. It's funky and modern and doesn't encourage overeating but it's still a great place to gather with friends.
  • Remember that almost anything can be changed. Furniture can be rearranged. Walls, trim, and cabinetry can always be repainted. We don't always get something right the first time, and with design, we don't have to commit to something forever.
  • Be introspective. A well-designed home should make you happy. It should energize you on cool, rainy days and relax you when you come home stressed. Good design should reflect who you are and the life you want to have. Ask yourself if each aspect of a design from paint color to flooring to the kinds of appliances fit in with your goals and your wants/needs.
The biggest deal on the list is introspection. I suggest taking time to critically think over every aspect of design and ask: "Do I like this right now?" and "Will the person I want to be still like this?" When you're confident in a color palette or design, then it's time to get to work. If you end up dissatisfied with how something looks, don't fret. Everything can be changed up or fixed with just a little effort. Experiment enough and you'll ultimately find your own perfect version of minimalist design.