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How to Thrift Sustainably

Secondhand shopping is something I will always advocate for when trying to break shopaholic and fast fashion habits. In most cases, thrifting is an economical and ecologically-friendly alternative to traditional shopping because you can find gently-used clothes and other items for far less than retail price. However, thrift shopping has to be done just right to maximize its positive impact. Aspects of Sustainable Thrifting Thrifting's value does not start and end at your own wallet and closet. Take the following elements into account when you go secondhand shopping to maximize the potential to do good for your community and the planet. Social Sustainability It's important to remember that at the heart of charity-driven thrift stores is the goal to keep everyday items affordable for low-income community members. When individuals with higher incomes over-shop at thrift stores with the intent of flipping items or just overfilling their own closets, thrift stores lose that inventor