About the Blog

I've had a lot of failed attempts at blogging before. Usually the failure came down to blog names not connecting with me as a writer, so I'd let them slip away until I ultimately deleted them out of shame. That, or I'd burn myself out by staring at a screen trying too hard to think of something worth typing and sending off into the vast expanses of the internet for all to see.

This one is hopefully going to be different. Sipping on some jasmine oolong tea after an unsually relaxing holiday, I decided to fire up Blogger again and give myself one more chance to put together a blog. I knew I wanted it to be about my journey with minimalism, but there's been more to minimalism than just discarding items and owning less. For me, minimalism is about maintaining a comfortable, relaxing, and happy home that I just can't wait to get back to after working as a security administrator in healthcare.

My name is Monica. I live with two lovely pets and another lovely human in a small town in Minnesota. I'd describe myself as an introverted millennial modern minimalist, and I'm just trying to make my life everything I want it to be. I suffer from depression which makes a happy life hard, but minimalism has helped me get better over time. I started this blog to finally share my journey with my friends, peers, and anyone who happens across my posts, and I hope it serves to inform, entertain, and inspire.