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How do Minimalists Spend Money?

Experienced minimalists have a strong grip on how much stuff is the right amount to have in their lives. There comes a point when there's not a lot to shop for anymore... So how do seasoned minimalists spend money?  I can't speak for every other minimalist but I will share where my money goes. Of course, without huge purchases to worry about, a good chunk of my money goes into savings. I have better-than-average retirement accounts through work, so I don't really bother much with additional investing. Any money that doesn't go into a savings account goes toward making life better and more joyful. I use my disposable income to cook and eat better foods, wear better clothes, and buy back my free time. I've elaborated on each spending category below, and hope this post inspires you to make your own life better. A Healthier Pantry When my husband and I were saving for a house a few years ago, we cut back everywhere we could, including on the grocery budget. We weren'